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The Drowning of Innocence by Pádraig O’Gorman

Royal size Paperback (156mm by 234mm); 289 pages; Price £12.50 (postage and packing £2.50)

No matter where you live in the world, you will not be charged postage.  I have reduced the price on Amazon to reflect this.

Published by Icon O’Clast Press, Clogheen, Clonakilty, Cork, Ireland

Cover Artwork by Emily Catherine http://www.emilycatherineillustration.com

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Top tips for readers:

  1. 1.    Always check whether you like the style of writing first.

  2. 2.    You have no obligation to finish a book.  If you don’t like it, move on.

  3. 3.    Pass books on if you like them.  They are lonely on shelves.

  4. 4.    Sign, date and give a place where you have read the book before you pass it on.  It will spread companionship to future readers.

  5. 5.    Read print books when you can.  Scientists found that people who use e-readers have a more difficult time remembering story detail.  Sensations such as holding the book, turning the pages and touching the paper contribute to a better mental construction of the book’s plot.

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